Tom vs. Comics vs. Hate
Tom likes to talk about comics
The Doppelganger Gambit!

Back at home in my own squalor. Tell me about squalor at

Jans Lekman makes a beautiful mess of my ears.
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Crisis in the Thunderbolt Dimension.

Sorry for the poor sound..using backup microphone! Send complaints to

Jans Lekman always sound good.
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The Price of Humanity!

Jans Lekman - music.
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All The Elements Of Disaster!

I love maps, so the map goofiness in this one was truly special to me. Share you love of maps with me at

Jans Lekman made an audio map of my heart.
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The Choice.

I spelled Choice wrong originally. No need to email to tell me about it.
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The Bigger they Are...

Gots a cold. This was fast and hard. I weave evocative words like a basket maker.

Jans dishes the music.
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The Siren Sisterhood

I got a cold. I think my voice sounds pretty good though. If you have cold remedies send them to

Jans Lekman brings the heat in music form.
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Into the Microcosmos!

We are getting small at
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Really! There is no title. Send what you think the title should be to

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The Devil's Bargain.   Ah yeah. Tax season over! I am back in the saddle. Send your horse riding horror stories to

Jans Lekman...don't sue me!
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When a World Dies Screaming!

Back in the saddle. Got to do it for the kids. No time for the "Itunes Review shuffle" Thanks. 53 is pretty amazing as far as I am concerned. Send your concerns to

Jans Lekman is also performing music in Sweden.
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Too much work means no podcast. Though I do provide a picture of an angry badger.
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 Book Five: Let Old Acquaintances Be Forgot...

Too tired to come up with anything...go ask Jans.

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Master of Worlds and Time!

Well if I am going to fall off schedule it will be this week. Taxes suck. I bet the League keeps a special folder filled with receipts. Very organized. Email me at tomkaters@gmail if the thought of day without the show frightens you.

Jans is not scared.
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Book Three: The Bomb-Blast Heard 'Round The World!

Damn. I love it when FDR shows up in a DC comic. Let me know what historical figures you want the JSA to run into at

Run into Jans Lekman's won't regret it.
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Book Two: The Mystery Men of October

Sorry if I sound out of it...lots of work. Let me here any complaints at

Don't complain to Jans Lekman, he has nothing to do with it.
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Book One: Crisis Times Three!

Oh man this one is going to be a good story. I love the All Star Squadron. Thanks for the itunes reviews and the emails. Let me know if you are feeling my flow at

Jans Lekman made the music I am using...he has alot of flow.
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The Secret that Time Forgot!

Well the next couple are going to be a doozy. Justice Society, All Star Squadron, my is all in the mix.

Lekman is in there too...I love his music.
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