Tom vs. Comics vs. Hate
Tom likes to talk about comics
Showcase #8 - The Secret of the Empty Box!/The Coldest Man on Earth!

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Music Dexy's Midnight Runners
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Showcase #4 - Mystery of the Human Thunderbolt/The Man Who Broke The Time Barrier!

I am back...clumsy first shot though.

The music is "Tell Me When My Light Turns Green" by Dexys Midnight Riders.
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Last StandThanks for listening. Make sure to stick around for Tom vs. the Flash starting next week.Goodbye Mr. Lekman. We had a blast.
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Come and get it!

Jens Lakman already got some...and gave it back.
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I am engaged!
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Saving Face!

So long Favre...we had some good times. Just like me and Vibe.
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Coming Down.

I would have shoved Manny Parra too.
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Back to Godhead

Getting to the end.
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