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The Final Hand!

Opening Day for Baseball. I did this one while wearing my throwback Brewers cap. Why don't they just give in and switch the logo back. Let me know at

Itunes takes reviews...give it to them!

Jans Lekman makes the music.
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The Cut of the Cards!

Take this weekend to really think about your life, or write me an itunes review.

If you need your me at

Lekman is the man who made the music.
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Shuffle and Deal... with Death!

I don't gamble. Take a chance with
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Star Fall

Hey! Questions to Reviews to Itunes. Love to your lady or man. Money to the LCS.

Jans "Music" Lekman
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A Hero For All Seasons

So....I guess I am going to just keep doing this. How will it end? Who knows? If you have a guess let me know at

Music by Jans Lekman.
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A League Divided

If you like the show let me know at If you don't like it you can send it to  Itunes reviews...can't stop you from doing that.

Jans Lekman could you not like that music? Philistine.
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Grand Canyon Showdown

Go Wisconsin! Go

Go Jans Lekman!
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Once Upon A Time, In the Wild Wild West...

Email if you pressure.

Jake....there was no secret.
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Crisis in Limbo! me know how you feel.
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Countdown to Crisis!

Email if you want to know a secret.

Music - Janks Lekman...he rules.
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