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Rebirth: Part Four - - Conclusion - - Gypsy Genius

Don't worry I am not quitting.
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Rebirth: Three - Heavy Metal

Yeah! Let's get fired up at Lekman has fiery music.
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Rebirth: Two - Claws

Too much BBQ make Tom sleepy.
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Rebirth: One - Gang War

Early today. Going out of town til Monday so keep safe out there.
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The End of the Justice League!

Justice League Detroit, painkillers, spotted cow, sleepiness...could be good could be bad. Let me know at
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Dear lord my neck hurts. Send remedies to

I already know about Jens Lekman.
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Family Crisis!

My parents were in town this weekend...a bit of a family crisis here. Send all baby pictures to

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War of the Worlds 1984: Part Three Blessed is the Peacemaker

Whoah! That one is fast. I don't pad though...I just run it and post it. Tell me about it at

Lekman does the same thing with his music.
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War of the Worlds, 1984: Part Two Bitter Ashes

I fell asleep on the couch before posting this.

Lekman woke me with the music.
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War -- of the World?

A little Ron Burgundy on that title. Still got the convention mush mouth but I am recovering. Questions...please send to

Lekman - music.
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Sorry for no shows on Monday or Tuesday. I got a case of the post convention comic talk burn out. No worries...there will be an episode tomorrow.
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Dragon Keep

I am in Seattle. The seafood is good.

J.L brings the M.
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Hell on Earth!

Got to pack for Seattle. If you know of any good bars in Seattle let me know at

Mr. Lekman will be transported in my ipod....and he will like it.
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Let There Be Light!

See me at Emerald City Con in Seattle. Around Comics is the official podcast so we will have a table. Email me at if you have questions about the nature of tables.

Listen to J.L. for the music.
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The Supremacy Factor!

Busiek writes this one...and it is pretty good.

tomkaters@gmail is a good place for email.

Jans (Jens) (Yans) Lekman (Lickman) is good for music.
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Beasts Part Three: Blood Sport

Go outside! It is beautiful out. Read a comic under a tree. I do.
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Beasts II: Death Games

I confess. I did this one a little drunk. Sue me. I was at a baseball game today.

Jans Lekman is intoxicating.
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This is one of my favorites. Let me know what you think at

Buy Jans Lekman's is good.
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