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Rebirth: Part Four - - Conclusion - - Gypsy Genius

Don't worry I am not quitting.
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Rebirth: Three - Heavy Metal

Yeah! Let's get fired up at Lekman has fiery music.
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Rebirth: Two - Claws

Too much BBQ make Tom sleepy.
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Rebirth: One - Gang War

Early today. Going out of town til Monday so keep safe out there.
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The End of the Justice League!

Justice League Detroit, painkillers, spotted cow, sleepiness...could be good could be bad. Let me know at
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Dear lord my neck hurts. Send remedies to

I already know about Jens Lekman.
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Family Crisis!

My parents were in town this weekend...a bit of a family crisis here. Send all baby pictures to

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War of the Worlds 1984: Part Three Blessed is the Peacemaker

Whoah! That one is fast. I don't pad though...I just run it and post it. Tell me about it at

Lekman does the same thing with his music.
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War of the Worlds, 1984: Part Two Bitter Ashes

I fell asleep on the couch before posting this.

Lekman woke me with the music.
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War -- of the World?

A little Ron Burgundy on that title. Still got the convention mush mouth but I am recovering. Questions...please send to

Lekman - music.
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