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Force of Nature.

WWC was a great show. Thanks to everyone who took the time to talk to me at the show. I hope I did not frighten you with my good looks.
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The Final Crisis. So I am doing the Flash next. I kind of want to jump right to that but I am so close to wrapping up the League. I am excited though. Let me know how excited you are at
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Last Crisis On Earth-Two!

So Long Multiverse! Hello
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 Storm Clouds. Not my best episode. A little tired. A little too much Gin & Tonic. Ahhh..they can't all be home runs.
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Battle Cry!

Hot and humid. AC is on. Spotted Cow is opened. Waiting for emails at
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Sea Change  I really like the album Sea Change by Beck.

I also really like Jans Lekman's music.
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The Future Ain't What it Used to Be!

Sure ain't. Tell me about it at

Lekman is exactly what he is.
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In The Shadow Of The Ox

Maybe I should write an "unofficial" constitution of the League. Send suggestions to
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Savage Symphony

Get out your Keytars....and celebrate with

Lekman only uses keytars.
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Lest Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot...

Brewers swept the Astros...went to a couple of games and walked away with a Ryan Braun bobble head. Nice.

Lekman with the musical save.
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